The Last Lack of Standard

Um, yeah, inappropriate…

“I like to entertain. I was at my nephew’s birthday party; I dressed up like a clown. He said, ‘Uncle Emo, you’re a terrible clown. I wanna see a trick.’ You know…So I took his dog, and I twisted him into a balloon…You know…”

Emo Philips

In the summer that brought us the insouciant appropriateness of Seth McFarlane’s “Ted”, and this past week that saw the ending of “Toddler Fight Cub” back east, we have approach the idea of what’s inappropriate.

While Kate’s 5th birthday party was celebrated in a theater we had rented during Pixar’s “Brave” opening weekend, truthfully, we all filed into the theater with Kate making it known to everyone that she rather would have seen “Ted”…

Trust me, there are some lines that even I would not cross.  Nevertheless, it was hard, given the ubiquitousness of the billboard print ads, none of which looked like:

Rather this:

This sort of thing easily represents the sense of humor that Katelyn has.

Preparing for her birthday though, meant a number of trips to the local Party City.  While there, standing in line to pay for the balloon order, I discovered yet another line, that final line that finally showed me where my own boundaries lay.

To whit:

No kidding – Hellraiser costumes for Toddlers!

Some men are born inappropriate, some learn it, and other have inappropriate thrust upon them in line at the party supply store.  This costume is inappropriate.  Even I, who often finds the same things funny that my 5th and 6th grade boys find funny, found this inappropriate.

I have finally reached maturity at age 49.


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