Bagging on Arte

Arte Moreno saves the planet?

Where I’m at, in Southeast LA County, happens to be Ground Zero, in my opinion, in Arte Moreno’s effort to take over the Greater Southern California Sports Market.  As I’ve noted before, it’s this huge geographic region that he’s come to see as “Los Angeles”.  But more specifically, given how it is centered between the Angels’ true home, Anaheim, and its fictional home, Los Angeles, a trip to the super market means seeing both teams’ merchandise featured prominently for sale as part of this battle for fan base.

In the meantime, the City of Los Angeles’ recent decision to ban single use plastic bags at grocery stores is just one of many local communities joining the trend towards encouraging reusable shopping bags.  Now this battle to be environmentally sound has been extended to local baseball teams.  As it turns out today, I was able to see, first hand, the spoils of war being waged between the Angels and Dodgers, even while shopping for food, which punctuated this statistical nugget from this morning’s LA Times:

The most startling statistic in baseball: The Angels’ attendance is down 14% this season, the largest drop in the major leagues.

The Angels sold more than 5,000 season tickets after they signed Pujols, and all those tickets count in the attendance figures. The Angels signed Pujols to hit, first and foremost, but no doubt owner Arte Moreno also could see an attendance crisis brewing.

The New York Yankees and Texas Rangers come to town this week — two big draws — and the number of empty seats could reveal the depth of the crisis. The Angels still were offering Goldstar ticket discounts for both series as of Saturday.

Standing in line at my local grocer, I glanced over at their reusable shopping bags, musing if I should grab a princess bag for Kate, given that her birthday is tomorrow and all.  Instead I saw mute testimony as to how Arte Moreno’s plan to take over Southern California was working out outside of Angels Stadium.  One shopper, looking at the choices given the 2 bags-for-$5 price, turned and asked the checker if they had any Dodger bags left.

No.  Sold out.  Plenty of Angel grocery bags though.


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