Food Waste Postscript

We wait to meet with the counselors for one final time, but in the meantime, there is one final meal to be served to the 6th graders. Last night, Pizza Night, the kids score zero food waste. This brings their total to 3 meals of zero food waste, passing last year’s 6th graders, who could only manage 2, and only then on the final full day of camp. Still, last year’s class had two boys, AD and JC, who would range around the dining hall eating up stray bits of food. All week, my partner and I would talk about how useful both boys’ iron stomachs were in competitions like this one, especially when, last year, the chef prepared Caesar Salad dressing that was a bit heavy on the anchovies, and only AD was able to stomach more than a tablespoon.

Fortunately, neither boy was needed at breakfast. The kids hit the Zero goal for the 4th time in 7 tries. Then the Camp’s Assistant Director engages the 6th graders in a pep talk over the importance of how food waste doesn’t waste just food, but the labor and natural resources that went into the production of the food. I consider how useful this lesson might have been at the beginning of the week, but at the least, the kids are finally getting the “why” of the competition they’ve engaged with themselves all week.

Now it’s off the Hitching Post for our final debriefing. I can’t wait for the bus driver. Actually, I can wait for the bus driver. T. And I both hope he remembers how to get back to L.A. County…


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