Tonight’s Mystery Meat is Steak!

“How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood and be in a good mood once in a while?” — Say Anything

The other night we had spied two owls on their nightly hunt.  This morning, as we walk out to see the 6th grade groups and again when we walk back, a bunny is out.  It fits the tone of the day.  Whereas yesterday was cold, wet, and eventually snowy, today’s weather, while cold and windy, is brilliantly sunny.  It is a beautiful day.  Even I, who is as far from a sun worshiper as a person can be, is totally taken in by the desire to just sit in the sun–provided we can find from shelter from the wind, that is.

Still, this morning is far better than yesterday’s ordeal.  Windy yes, but a good, sunny day.  For those who know me, that I’m pleased about all of this is saying something significant.  But it will get better.

My teaching partner and I, after watching today’s group of kids try archery, walk up to the Camp’s reservoir to observe the canoeing.  These kids are having a bit more trouble negotiating the cement pond, but they gamely flail away, ensuring that they’ll have to go back and change out of wet jeans when they’re done.  T. and I then laugh, when we overhear one of the counselor’s walkie-talkies:  one of our kids has accidentally left behind jeans and underwear outside of the shower area.  The comment:  “Um, one the campers is walking around without pants and underwear right now” seemed like just the perfect commentary about the past 24 hours.

Finally, the Camp’s Director pulls up in the camp electric cart.  T. has money for him from several of the kids who had wanted to buy a camp sweatshirt before we leave tomorrow.  We talk a bit, in particular about my suggestion from earlier in the week that we “steal” the cart to go off in search of coffee and junk food at the shopping center just off the freeway.  Yesterday, after sharing this idea with our principal during her visit, we see that the cart had a boot that gets secured to one of the tires.  We learn from the Director that they’ve lost more than their share of carts to theft, so the boot was most definitely needed to avoid that situation.

More importantly though, he offers a ride!

We get in and hang on, as he roars down the foothill to their lower pond area, where one of our groups was getting their Environmental Studies lesson in Aquatic Life Science.  We arrive, admiring the view from the area–the camp has an active sheep farm on site, along with “guard” llamas–when the Director asks T. and myself how we muddled through the previous night.  He mentions the kids’ dinner meal (traditionally pizza on the final night), before then adding that the Resort feels bad about my experience with the roof leak last night, and that they want the Director to take T. and I to dinner at the resort’s steakhouse this evening, on them.

Free steak.  Nice.

Of course, you don’t say “no”.  We say “thank you” many times, instead.

It is sunny today, and things are good.


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