Pointless Acts of Eating French Toast

There are remnants of last night’s snowfall still on the ground as we walk to the Hitching Post for breakfast…

We can see the kids are tired, as they were kept busy late last night.  This morning’s meal will be French Toast.  Once again, as they have been all week, the 6th graders get the obligatory lecture from one of the counselors about the benefits of eating organically grown food.  Still, looking at the large amounts of bacon they serve at each breakfast, I can’t help but wonder if these kids will wind up with cancer nonetheless.  It’s not that neither my partner or I disagree with the thrust of their comments, it’s just that they manner in which they’re hitting these kids with this info is more sledgehammer than scalpel.  As an aside, it would benefit the kids more if they could see where this food was grown, or if they were to work in a food garden to understand the concept of organic rather than to merely “tell” them.  Show, not tell.

After the meal is finished, despite the best efforts of one girl to help another at her table finish her French Toast in order to minimize the food waste, the Camp’s counselor in charge of this morning’s meal decides to nitpick the 6th graders by scooping up random bits of cereal from the floor, which prompts one of the cabin counselors to ask, “Really?”.  A discarded butter pat is also added to the waste, and the Head Meal Counselor gleefully announces that the waste amounts to 3 ounces.  The kids are shut out this morning, as apparently they’ve been too successful in avoiding food waste last night and yesterday morning.  I turn to the girl who had helped her friend finish her French Toast:  “You finished that French Toast for nothing–NOTHING!


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