The Any Key Presses Back…

“We are always in the manure; only the depth varies”.

— John Ailwyn Fellowes, 4th Baron de Ramsey

Last week, I wrote:

For me, for example, I have become so dependent upon my ELMO document camera, that there is no “Plan B” if it goes down.  I know better, but that doesn’t mean I plan for it.

Returning back to school after being away from my classroom for the past day and a half, my worst fears were realized.  My classroom projector had been slowly fading, forcing me to present material to the class with half of the classroom lights turned off in order to see the screen.  While the ELMO was working, its companion projector was not.  Despite two attempts to change the bulb, cleaning the projector’s air filter, and then allowing the projector to sit in some sort of purgatorial “time-out”, it failed to come back on.  It was dead.  Work order time.

Out came the whiteboard markers.  Old School was now in session.  Sigh…let’s see how long *this* will take to be repaired or replaced.

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