Big City Nights in High Rolling Hills…

Asking a question about this image from last night:

Busy night at Chavez Ravine, as the LAPD prepared to take down the Occupy LA encampment in Downtown LA.

Now that it’s over, the price tag to clean up is said to approach $1 million…

Thusly, a question, I feel, needs to be asked:  those look like stadium lights being used to help illuminate the parking lot for the police mobilization.   Who was paying the electric bill to turn those lights on?  Dodger Stadium (along with the Dodgers), and its parking lot is still owned by Frank McCourt.  Therefore, is McCourt getting some of that money to pay for the use of his stadium lights, along with the rental fee on the parking lot?

If so, it’s just amazing the manner in which this miscreant can manage to profit even from an event wholly unrelated to a baseball game.

Of course, it’s also all together possible that Villaraigosa’s still hoping to pay off all those free Dodger tickets the McCourt family gave to him over the years, and giving the Dodgers a kickback for borrowing their lights sounds about par for the course…


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