Bear Territory

With College Football kicking off its season this weekend, today was College Colors Day. 

Normally, I’d put Kate in the colors, and trot her somewhere into the backyard and take photos of her to post on Facebook and what not.  But with my classroom still not ready, and my sister and my niece and nephew wanting to belatedly celebrate Kate’s 4th birthday, we never got around to a photo-op.

But that doesn’t mean Amber wasn’t doing her part earlier in the week.

When my wife had to do some school district duty at a breakfast at the local hotel, one of the featured guests at the luncheon was Congresswoman Linda Sanchez.  Forewarned about the seating arrangements (i.e. that not all the district’s administrators would be able to sit with or near the Congresswoman), I decided to literally tap into some prior knowledge.  You see, Congresswoman Sanchez is an Old Blue–Cal class of 1991.  I suggested to Amber that one way she could meet the Congresswoman was to use that basic connection.  The wife agreed.

Katelyn already had the Cal mini helmet atop her television.  Amber’s trip to Michael’s the weekend prior to Rep. Sanchez’s visit garnered us a golden ink permanent pen.  As she left the house Monday morning, Amber stuffed both pen and helmet into her purse and hoped for the best.

Sure enough, Amber wasn’t seated at the Congresswoman’s table.  But if you know my wife, she doesn’t give up so easily.  As the event unfolded, Amber watched Rep. Sanchez for any sign that she might be leaving.  Ultimately, her patience paid off when she spied one of Sanchez’s aide whisper to her and the Congresswoman made ready to leave the event.  Amber was already on it.  Using a bathroom break as an excuse, Amber had helmet and pen ready, and headed into the hotel’s hallway and waited.  When the Congresswoman came out, Amber turned total fan girl.  She got a photo from the Congresswoman, who even agreed to also sign an autograph for Katelyn.  But then Rep. Sanchez saw the helmet.

“Go Bears!” was her reply.



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