"The Pentultimate Supper…"

Dateline: My Classroom…in the normal state of chaos hours before children arrive.

My favorite back to school memory involves Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was one of those kids who drove me crazy in the time I had him in my classroom. 

Now my district, in suburban Los Angeles County, is one of those that traditionally starts right after Labor Day Monday, with 2 prep days on Tuesday/Wednesday, and the start of school on Thursday.  The two prep days are for teachers to have their start of school meetings, along with classroom prep prior to the first day.  No students need worry about coming to school.

Except Jeffrey. 

This particular Tuesday morning of this particular year, Jeffrey’s 6th grade year, I was walking out to my car in the parking lot, loading and unloading the usual detritus that goes between garage and classroom over the summer months.  There was Jeffrey walking his bike towards the bike rack. 

“Jeffrey, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, hi Mr. Ruiz.  It’s the first day of school…” (voice trailed off as it began to dawn upon him that something was amiss)

“Ah, no.  That’s on Thursday.  Teacher’s are prepping for the next couple of days.”

“But my mom….Arrgggh!”

It’s been like that as the school year has begun to kick into gear–not quite ready, yet moving forward with the realization that another year is upon us and it’s time to focus, whether we want to do so or not.  I don’t know if Jeffrey’s story properly illustrates what this blog is for.  And I can’t rightly admit to regularly intending to post on it now that I’ve finally taken the plunge towards trying to publish something on-line.  Given that this year represents a career crossroads for me, perhaps having some sort of outlet, even if little read, will enable me the chance to better reflect on the challenges I am facing, both self-inflicted and job-related, as I move through the school year. 

So as I tell me daughter before every freeway trip, “here we go…”


2 thoughts on “"The Pentultimate Supper…"

  1. Dude really? Salon, Kos, I know you are a hardcore liberal going to Berkeley and all. How is that socialist hope and change working for you? Because of a democrap CA senate, your job is in jeopardy. Economic fact for you Hector, the more public "servants slash unions" we have, the less sustainable GOV we will be able to experience, unless of course we increase taxes. But of course, that has always been the democrap mantraAnd does it make you feel good that our piece of crap president is a total and admitted marxist? What happened to the virtues of Jefferson and Adams, oh that is right, you used to belong to Casey Hopson's Cypress Communist Party. Pathetic, it makes me sick that people of your ilk educate our future with your liberal socialist agenda

    • Hey person mr. Ruiz was my teacher and he was the best one I have ever had. So back off. Your judgements aren’t the only ones that matter. So if you don’t mind shove off

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